Last Minute Swoon-Worthy Gift Ideas

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!  Ho-Ho-Ho!  But for those of you who still have gifts to buy or who had a last-minute gift need crop up, that saying might be Oh-No-No!  Never fear - I have some easy, inexpensive, thoughtful gift ideas that you're welcome to pilfer as your own.  

Image courtesy of Once Made
* Wine *

Wine is an easy, inexpensive gift.  The hard part can be deciding which wine to go with - there are so many choices and you don't want it to be obvious that you picked up the bottle that was the cheapest.  I have some favorites: wines that are as wonderful to drink as the bottle is to look at.  I know that shouldn't matter, but if you're giving a gift, I think the packaging should be special!  Two of my favorite wines are VOGA and Mirassou.  Both are fabulous to drink, completely budget-friendly and need very little wrapping: just a sweet bow around the top with a nice little holiday tag and you're done. Aren't these pretty?

If you're looking to splurge a little more (probably around $50/bottle), I whole-heartedly recommend Stags Leap Petite Syrah.  It is my absolute favorite red.  I try to have a glass of this every year if I can.  Isn't the calligraphy on the label gorgeous?

* Coffee or Tea*

Another idea is to go with a coffee or tea themed gift.  Get a $10 or $15 gift card from a coffee house you like, buy a pretty mug, and add a bag of gourmet beans or a box of tea.  I suggest peppermint tea: it's delicious and what's more Christmassy than candy canes?  

Mugs from Anthropologie 

* Note Cards*

In our email/text/iPhone age, note cards are always a great gift idea.  It's so easy to find pretty, inexpensive cards, too.  Target has a great selection.  My go-to place is always Paper-Source, but unless you have a store near you, that may not be an option at the last minute.  Who wouldn't love to get a sampling of these?

Cards from Paper-Source

* Gift Cards *

Gift cards are the best.  I buy them every year.  And I love that you can get pretty much any gift card for any store at the grocery store or drug store!  Presentation is key here - rather than just pop it in a card, I like to put them in a small bag and attach an ornament to the bag (a tip: buy a box or two of pretty glass ornaments at Michael's on sale after Christmas and save for next year: these are great to have to add to gifts!).  The bag and ornament makes your gift look more thoughtful and much more special. Like this:  

Image courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens
* Movie Tickets *

A little movie ticket gift is a lot of fun (though probably not the cheapest these days!).  Buy a couple of movie tickets, then grab some candy, put it in a brown paper bag and tie with a sweet red and white ribbon.  Done! 

Image courtesy Woman's Day
* Scarves*

One final idea: a scarf!  I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many, whether they are for cold weather wear with a coat or light-weight over a shirt or sweater.  Here are a handful of beauties from Old Navy ... I think they're just lovely (and wallet-friendly!)

And there you have it!  I hope this holiday round-up gives a few quick and easy gift ideas for you that don't look like you were down to the wire.

I'll wrap up by sending a special thank you to our followers and friends who check out our blog each day.  You have no idea what it means to us!  We wish you all a wonderful Christmas.   

Merry Christmas everyone!

See you swoon,
{Note: none of the above products or companies paid or comped us for mentioning them.  I just happen to love them all!}


  1. I bought scarves for both of my kids' teachers this year. I think they are awesome gifts :) I always love the movie ticket idea too, especially for families.

  2. Oooh I LOVE those scarves!! So cute!