Training Recap: Nov. 10-Nov. 16, 2014

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was busy but a lot of fun.

This is it!  Marathon week! I can't believe it's here.  I've been in maintain-maintain-maintain mode lately, which is fine by me.  This week was a bit of a down week for me in terms of both volume and intensity.  But I just signed up to work with my coach again starting December 1, so I am gathering my rosebuds whilst I may.  I'll run this week, hopefully swim on Saturday, do the marathon on Sunday and then enjoy Thanksgiving week on my own until ramping back up again.  

My focus once that happens will be on running.  I'll still do a handful of tris, but they will be short and they will not be my primary concern.  I want 2015 to be a running-focused year and I really want to get a lot faster and stronger.  

For now, though, my focus is the Philly Marathon with my friend Heather! She's ready.  This is so exciting. 

Nov. 10-Nov. 16:  3:08:15 hours

Ran: 3:08:15 hours (21 miles)

Monday:  4 mile run
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday:  3 mile run
Thursday:  3 mile run
Friday:  Taper long run - 8 miles
Saturday:  rest day
Sunday: 3 mile run

Nothing really notable about this week.  As you can see, it was all running.  And it was all endurance pace.  The weather was crazy.  My Wednesday run was hot - as in I wore short sleeves and shorts and was sweating.  By Friday, I was in my long sleeves again.

I missed not swimming this week, but I couldn't fit it in between the craziness of work and the craziness of my weekend plans.  

So a week from today, I should be back with a recap of the Philly Marathon!  I'm hoping to bring my phone so I can snap some pictures along the way.

Have a great week! 

See you swoon,

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