What I Wore {post 50}

Who wants some late Summer outfits?

* Dark Grey Top & Pink Pants *

Pants and a shell. Easy peasy. Oh and heels!  Heels!! Yay!  I am back on heels a couple times per week.  I've had both these pieces for awhile, but never wore them together.  The pants are super old - circa 2004 and from the The Limited.  The top is from the Ann Taylor outlet from a year or two ago.  It was crazy hot this day, so the bare shoulders was a must.  I love the detail on this shirt because it's a satiny sort of cowl neck. 

* Yellow & White Polkadot Top & Printed Green Skirt *

I bought this top at Target a few years ago.  This was yet another super hot recent day and I wanted to keep my outfit easy, breezy and light.  I grabbed the skirt first, because it's elastic waist and cool cotton, and then looked through my tops and thought maybe the polka dot might be a fun way to mix prints.  It was.  This was a bit different than the looks I usually go for, but it was fun.  And my yellow flats topped it off. 

* Striped Top & Bootcut Jeans *

Jeans Friday at work!  Yay.  I wore my favorite jeans (American Eagle ... I know ... I'm 15) and a striped top from Loft.  I love the blue + red combo so I wore my favorite red flats.  

Outfits galore!  I haven't been in the mood to shop for a really long time ... at first it was Ironman training, which took over everything, including my desire to shop for anything other than tri kits. Now it's the Summer weather.  I don't want to buy any Summer clothes, but I'm not ready for (and cannot handle the idea of) Fall clothes just yet.    

See you swoon,

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