What I Wore {post 20}

Hello and happy Wednesday!  September is such a great month weather-wise.  A little bit of Summer, a little bit of Fall ... I'm loving it.  Here are some recent Summery outfits.  

* Navy Top & Navy Striped Skirt *

You've seen this navy top before ... I wear it a lot because I love it.  It's from the Banana Republic outlet a few years ago.  I wore this on a super hot and humid day.  The skirt is from Old Navy and is soft cotton.  I thought the orange sandals would be a fun bit of color. 

* Purple Ann Taylor Outfit (circa 2001) *

I love this outfit.  I bought it the Summer before I started my first job out of law school right after I took the Bar Exam.  It's still as stylish now as it was then and it still fits like a dream.  It's hard to see in this picture, but the skirt has little white polkadots.  

* Turquoise Top & Seersucker Pants *

Sadly, the seersuckers are now tucked away until next late Spring (seersucker is one of the very few things that I really do believe belong only in Summer), but I really got my money's worth out of these pants this season!  I wore the pants (from LL Bean Signature Collection, which, incidentally does not do vanity sizing harumph) with a top from last year from New York & Co.  It was an easy breezy Summer outfit. 

It's that time of year when I'm just ready freddy for my Fall clothes.  I'm trying to figure out which new pieces to add to my wardrobe.  I had to buy a bunch of new suits for all of the trials I have in close succession this Fall, so that ate up a lot of my budget, but there are a handful of things I'd love to buy: new wool patterned skirts, a pair of booties, and I desperately need some new jeans.  

What about you?  Swooning over anything for Fall? It's almost here! 

See you swoon,

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