5 More Things About Moi

Who loves random things? Me! Me.  This girl.

And I know ... I KNOW (all caps) ... you want to know 5 more random things about me.  Although, for those who know me, these are not random at all. 

1.  I love ABBA.

I grew up listening, and dancing, to ABBA.  I know every single one of their songs.  I have a choreographed dance to every single one of their songs.  I have seen Mamma Mia in the theater about 4 times. There are an embarrassing number of ABBA songs on all of my running playlists and I will lip sync and/or do the choreographed dance when they come on when I am running.  I need to sing ABBA songs when I swim in triathlon to center myself and settle into a good rhythm and then to maintain that rhythm.  I'm not sure what more I can say about the Swedish super group.  

2.  I am terrified of clowns.  Terror.  The terror is real.  

Not even kidding how scared I am of clowns.  There is *nothing* scarier than a clown.  Nothing.  I don't know where the fear came from.  Maybe it is from the clown doll that my sister and I had that would WATCH US WHEN WE SLEPT (shouting).  Wherever the fear of (or, frankly, the normal reaction to) clowns came from, I have it and it is part of my life.  Thankfully, I do not typically have run ins with clowns in my day to day life.  I did once see one waiting for the Metrobus when I lived in DC.  He was just sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus.  I was frozen in horror and slowly walked away and took the long way around to my destination.  Another time, I was driving down to DC to visit friends.  It was early in the morning (which is my favorite time to travel) and I came upon a clown car for real with a real clown inside.  The car said "Macaroni Anne Cheeze" and she is apparently some kind of party clown. Her car had a clown nose on the front.  How do I know this? Oh, only because I sped past her and obviously was terrified and instead of backing down, because she is a clown and therefore evil, she would speed up and chase me.  I don't know where I finally lost her.  But my God.  I'm not going to lie that finding a picture for this one was very trying.  I finally typed "nice cartoon clown drawing" into Google image.  This was the first that popped up and this is what you get.  I can't believe I am willingly posting a picture of a clown on my very own blog.  I made it as small as possible so his risk of murder is smaller. shudder. I am only doing this for you - the people who read my blog. I hope you are happy.

3.  My favorite wine is Petite Syrah.

Oh yes.  I think I've made it pretty clear here on the blog that I am obsessed with hoppy IPAs (especially Victory Hop Devil). And Jamie and I love a good wine night like no one's business, where we usually drink Sauvignon Blanc.  But my absolute favorite wine in the world is Petite Syrah.  It's just wonderful.  I discovered it about 10 years ago when I was living in northern New Jersey on what ended up being a 6 month long trial.  We would go out to dinner every night and some nights, we would get some wine.  I was hooked when the partner ordered a Stag's Leap Petite Syrah.  

4.  I may be 5'1", but I have the appetite of a 250 pound frat boy.

Anyone who knows me knows that I can put it away.  And by "it" I mean food.  I am always hungry.  I finish one meal and start thinking about the next.  My meals are: breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, pre-dinner snack, dinner, post-dinner snack.  I relate the the Saturday Night Live skit with Chris Farley as the hungry girl who says 'LEAVE ME ALONE I'M STARVING.'  Because ... I am always starving.  I am blessed with a metabolism in hyperdrive and the desire to swim-bike-run every chance I get.

5.   I am a horrible singer, but I *love* karaoke.  

It's true: I am a pretty bad singer.  A few weeks ago I was going to lunch with a colleague and I said that I liked to sing and I was sometimes good at it.  He told me a story about a guy who said he was a superhero whose super power was to be invisible ... but only when no one was looking.  And apparently, I was to extrapolate that I was a good singer when no one was listening.  I suppose this is true.  Even my darling children think so ... often a song will come on the radio, I'll sing along and Little, ever so sweetly and tactfully will say, "Mommy, I really like dis song, but can you please sing it in your mind?"  Ouch.  Rest assured that any perceived "lack of talent" will not stop me from hopping on the karaoke stage.  

this is how I imagine I look when I am singing. 

And there you go.  5 more things about me that you were dying to know.  Happy weekend!  Does anyone share any of my 5 things? I'm sure someone has an affinity ... yes?

See you swoon,

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