DIY: Stylish Dry Erase Board

This was a fun little project.  I blogged a few weeks ago about how I plan my outfits for the week:  on Sundays, after watching the 5 day weather forecast, I go through my wardrobe and put together outfits and then write them out on a post-it note, which I stick in my closet.  I love doing this because it takes away the time pressure angst of "what will I wear today??" and makes it so much easier (not to mention more fun) to put together creative, stylish outfits.  

The post-it, though, needed to go.  I decided to make a DIY dry erase board for this purpose.  I have a spot in the corner behind my door and next to my closet where it could go.  I knew I did not want a standard dry erase board, though.  I wanted something a little more glam.  I used the frame that I bought at the Christmas Tree Shops on clearance for $1.25, some wrapping paper and white paint.

This project was so easy.  I used some white paint that I had on hand and painted over the frame.  It took a couple of coats.  I could have spray-painted, but it's cold here and I did not want to do it outside or inside.  Here is the frame once I painted it.

Then I bought some wrapping paper.  I loved this striped paper from Target, and loved even more that it would have five horizontal stripes -- so each stripe could be a day of the week!  

I just framed the paper, hung the frame, and added a dry erase marker.  And ... voila!  Here it is.

Same function as the little post-it, but a whole lot prettier.   And you can see that each day of the week gets its own stripe and the dry erase marker is hidden at the top.  Over the top organization tied up in a neat little (pastel stripey colored) bow.  :)

See you swoon,


  1. So smart-- had no idea you could dry-erase on glass. Doy!

  2. Love this. It looks great!