Bigs Room -- Finishing It Up!

Good morning!  

Now that triathlon season is over, and I have a lot more time, I am focusing on long neglected house projects.  Up today is Big's room!  Recall that back in the Spring, I made a big push in Big's room and added some art, a new dresser, a mirror and made his space look a bit more finished.   Here is how the room looked after that effort:

I still had some things to add.  First up: posters.  I had two posters waiting to go up in his room and was just looking for frames for them.  I finally bought the frames and popped the posters in and hung them. The Angry Birds space poster was a gift from my good friend, and I thought it looked great on the wall.  The space poster was something he picked out.   The Angry Birds frame is from IKEA (it was $10) and the space poster frame is from Target.  

Next, I hung the panoramic print of the Phillies stadium over his bed.  I had this in another spot before and just moved it when I added the shelf over his bookcases.

Finally, the big project.  The project that took us years (plural) to complete: Big's space mobile.  Big really wanted to have a solar system in his room, so I came up with the idea to make one out of different sized styrofoam balls from Michaels.  Big would research the planets and decide which one to do next. He would pick out the appropriate sized ball and then meticulously paint it to look like the actual planet.  I helped only with Jupiter's big red spot: he painted everything else himself.  We had a few meltdowns a la the piano player, Don Music, on Sesame Street Oh I'll Never Get It ... NEVER!!!!! ...

but in the end, he kicked this project's butt and did an amazing job.  

Hanging this thing was a challenge.  I bought some heavy cardboard craft rings at Michaels and planned to make a circular solar system, but they were way too heavy.  Initially I wanted to hang the mobile over the bed, but I changed my mind because the mama bear in me worried the planets might fall down on him while he is sleeping.  So we did a linear solar system, in order from the sun to Pluto, which I think looks great.   I used ribbon and just some thumbtacks right up in the ceiling.  I *hope* they hold ... so far so good.  I also appreciate Big's decision to include Pluto, even though it is no longer a planet (which seriously bothers me).  His rationale:  in 2006, Pluto was declared no longer a planet, and he was born in 2006.  He felt he should include it, as it was at some point a planet when he was born.  Yeah.   Here is a close-up of the planets.  We used a wooden dowel to attach the moon to Earth and Saturn's rings to the planet.  I reinforced all the dowels, and the hanging hooks, with hot glue.

Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth & Moon

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
So what's left?  Not much!  I am working on replacing his current nightstand with the IKEA Rast chest that used to live in my bedroom.  I am planning a two-tone treatment on it: white drawers and a dark stained top and sides.  He can certainly use the storage.  I also need to organize his closet a bit.  I bought some bins at Target but that's all I've done. I also want to paint the backs of his bookshelves or add some kind of fabric or pattern to them.  And finally, I'd like to do something with this corner, but I don't know what: maybe a small chair for a reading spot? Maybe a trunk for toys and sporting gear?  I have to think on it.  

But for now, his room is good to go.  Now if he will only keep it neat and tidy -- you will be shocked to know that it doesn't always look like it does in these pictures.  LOL.  

See you swoon,

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